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CONFERENCE « This land is whose land? » — Why provision of affordable housing should be at the core of any sustainable land policy

06 juin
8 h 30 - 15 h 00


The annual agenda-setting event around public, cooperative and social housing in Europe will be held on Thursday, 6 June 2019 within the 2nd International Social Housing Festival in Lyon. Every year, more than 150 representatives of housing associations across Europe, policymakers and the civil society come together in an exchange that generates evidence-based policy suggestions on the key issues of the housing agenda.


2019 theme: ’This land is… whose land?’


Walk into the centre of the city where you live and have a look around you. What you see is the result of decisions made around land policy in some cases centuries, in most of them decades and just in very few years ago. Land defines our living environment. It defines ourselves. As the legendary French Planner, Philippe Lamour put it in 1967 “Spatial planning is and has to remain the means of modern democracy”.

As the urbanisation trend continues to unfold, today is one of these defining moments in history that we have to decide how we manage land in a sustainable way. The only way to do that is by putting provision of affordable housing at the core of our land policies and spatial planning strategies not only in growing but also in shrinking cities, as no territory can be left behind.

This year’s conference will give a number of reasons why this is the case, illustrating through various concrete examples both the benefits and the destructive effects that land use can have in the long term for social cohesion, quality of life, the Economy and our future.

Be part of the debate, work with us on redefining the new ‘normal’ for our cities.


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